Feb 14, 2017

$Billions business in supplying local government

$Billions business in supplying local government

Local government spends $32b/year providing infrastructure, economic and community services.

Much of this is on equipment and consumables.

The ticket into this industry in Queensland is stamped by Local Buy.

Who and what is Local Buy?

Local Buy is the procurement division of the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ). Our core business is the provision of procurement services to Local Government through a range of pre-approved and pre-qualified contracts across a range of industries (see list of current arrangements).

We simplify the procurement process for Councils across QLD through these arrangements which save money through aggregated buying (discounts through bulk purchasing) and save time by reducing the cost of going to tender for the purchasing of goods and services.

Comply with the Local Government Act

Legislation dictates that council officers must adhere to the purchasing principles and thresholds in the Local Government Act. This means you as a council must be able to prove you followed the principles when purchasing any goods or services. Depending on the monetary level of spend, you may have to obtain written quotes or even go to full and open tender.


Local Buy is excluded from the Act. This means if you chose to use a Local Buy Supplier even for large projects over $200,000 you can obtain quotes rather than going to tender. This saves council a great deal of time and money.

Saving Time and Money

Local Buy have already negotiated Terms & Conditions with our suppliers and also performed all the due diligence required to ensure they are insured, financially stable and able to provide the goods or services you require. For some arrangements we have also negotiated discounted rates.

Next Steps

Local Buy has an online Request for Quotation System called Vendor Panel, which is free for councils to use. This enables you to issue a Request for Quote online to numerous suppliers at once. This ensures you are complying with the Local Government Act and showing Value for Money for council.

What to do next?

Your Local Buy Regional Client Relations Officer, Emma Peters, will be delighted to talk through what Local Buy can do to assist you. Her contact details are below:

0476 819 963 or email: epeters@localbuy.net.au