Jun 09, 2016

Blast of technology to turn heads in Toowoomba

Blast of technology to turn heads in Toowoomba The Force One MTS Dry-Vac truck at work.

A robotically driven Dry-Vac truck, one of only two of the German Force One MTS vehicles in the southern hemisphere, is tipped as one of the showstoppers at next week’s Surat Basin Expo.

The $1 million machine received its importation compliance and mechanical checks at Westco Truck Sales in Toowoomba before a test run on the fields outside Roma.

Next stop is its Australian-Oceanic unveiling at the 2016 Surat Basin Expo at the Toowoomba Showgrounds on June 15-16.

Force One Australia technical adviser Spiros Xypolitos describes the technology, known as Saugbagger in its home country, as being “as revolutionary as the introduction of the car to a society with horse and cart”.

Westco Truck Sales mechanics (from left to right) David Brauer, Brendan Fisher and Nathan Burgon with the Dry-Vac truck.

“In Australia the non-destructive digging or non-intrusive excavation is a strict rule when one needs to dig one metre near existing underground services,” he said.

“So far this is performed here by hydro-excavation: a blast and vac truck will blast the ground around the service with fresh water and then suck up the mud.

“This results in twice as much waste (sludge).

“Our technology does the same thing using only air … and also you don’t need one cubic metre of backfill for the hole you just dug because the extracted material is still available.”

Mr Xypolitos said the suction power was up to 16 times faster than the standard wet-vac trucks.

He said the Toowoomba launch was a case of strategic positioning given the opportunities in the Surat Basin region.

For further details visit the event website www.suratbasinexpo.com.au