Dec 02, 2016

Cairns report details $8b in project work

Cairns report details $8b in project work

The Cairns Chamber of Commerce has released a new Major Projects & Investments list, covering work valued at about $8 billion under construction or in the pipeline for the far northern region.

Chief executive officer Deb Hancock said the project information assisted with business confidence.


Cairns Chamber of Commerce CEO Deb Hancock.

“This collection of projects and investments is not to be considered as an exhaustive list, but rather as a list that identifies the major projects occurring across our region above $5 million in value,” she said.

“Since the list was last released, a number of projects have been completed and removed from the list. The Cairns Chamber of Commerce have confirmed details of projects with contributors and proponents directly, and we have had the list checked by our key regional partners.”

The $7.907 billion project value excluded projects that were proposed but were not detailed due to their commercially sensitive and confidential nature, Ms Hancock said.

“Additionally, the recently proposed projects and investment and those already in the construction phase, are expected to support more than 11,084 jobs during construction and more than 11,821 jobs operationally (with some projects yet to determine the amount of jobs to be created both overall),” she said.

“We will continue to update this report annually and make this report readily available to the entire community, free of charge, to continue to strengthen business confidence.”

Click  here to view details of all of the project work included in the report.