Nov 04, 2016

Concrete progress on $71m Rubyanna plant

Concrete progress on $71m Rubyanna plant

The $71 million Rubyanna Wastewater Treatment Plant, the single largest infrastructure project ever undertaken by Bundaberg Regional Council, is gaining momentum with a massive concrete pour over the past few days.

The slab for the plant’s bioreactor consumed 690 cubic metres of concrete when poured this week.

Downer Utilities has been engaged to design, construct, maintain and operate the plant. Berajondo Earthmoving & Haulage was contracted to undertake the earthworks.

The new regional plant will provide additional sewer capacity to service commercial and residential developments in high-growth areas in the eastern suburbs of Bundaberg, Port Bundaberg and along the coast from Burnett Heads to Elliott Heads.

The council says three environmentally substandard wastewater treatment plants at East Bundaberg, North Bundaberg and Coral Cove will be decommissioned once Rubyanna is up and running.

The project is expected to be completed by December 2017.

The design includes a 450kW solar-powered facility that is being installed beside the treatment plant. It will comprise about 1500 solar panels and is expected to save the council $200,000 per year in electricity costs as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.