Jan 13, 2017

Containers make for a cheap and tough build

Containers make for a cheap and tough build

Forget brick or stone, an emerging trend is the use of shipping containers as building blocks for homes and offices.

Like Legos, they can be stacked on top of each other or side-byside, making them a viable addition to the home or workspace.

“Increasingly, we are seeing a new type of customer come through our door. People are really coming up with creative uses for shipping containers and we’ve worked with them,” said Ben McMahon, managing director of Tropical Containers.

“Construction site sheds, houses, mobile warehouses, offices and workshops are the most common. Your imagination is the only thing stopping you when it comes to application of shipping containers.

They’re suitable as cold storage facilities, overseas freight shipping, home furniture storage, car and boat storage, garden and tool storage, on-site office, dangerous goods storage, and now you can even build an entire home or swimming pool.”

Houses and offices are not the only specialised services that Tropical Containers offers. “While the majority of our business is the sale and rental of all types of standard shipping containers, we also supply different types of containers that help with shipping large or unusual equipment that won’t fit into a conventional container. This also includes dangerous good storage and cold storage facilities,” Mr McMahon said.

The shipping containers that Tropical Containers supplies were originally developed for marine use. They are manufactured to a very high specification out of high tensile steel and have corrugated steel walls and doors. Because of this strength, they are capable of surviving in extreme conditions.

“All rental shipping containers come certified – so you are guaranteed a good quality product and peace of mind that your goods will not be damaged while in storage,” Mr McMahon said.

Tropical Containers is a Townsville-based privately owned family business, which began its operations near the Port of Townsville in 1991. Its clientele ranges from multi-national companies to building contractors, government and the private sector.