Apr 24, 2017

Lithium potential lures explorer to north Queensland

Lithium potential lures explorer to north Queensland

Lithium Australia is focusing on new grounds in Queensland, with three exploration mineral permits granted this month for its Amber project south-west of Cairns.

“Lithium Australia has identified north Queensland as a region with the optimum geological history to host major lithium deposits,” managing director Adrian Griffin said.

“Amber adds significantly to our Queensland portfolio and further strengthens our Australian exploration portfolio.

“Our advanced exploration techniques are proving invaluable in Mexico, where we are drilling at the moment, and we will be applying much of the knowledge gained, to our domestic exploration activities.”

Lithium is used in the manufacture of high-temperature lubricants, high strength-to-weight alloys (used, for example, in aircraft), heat-resistant glass and ceramics, as well as being a component of long-life and rechargable batteries.

Lithium Australia has lithium projects in Western Australia and Mexico as well as Queensland.

The company said the Amber tenure had been procured on the basis of tectonic setting, and the identification of fertile granitic intrusions.

These “leucogranites” were often the source of lithium mineralisation which may occur in association with tin and tungsten, it said.

The Amber project covers ans area of 1000sq km of prospective margins of leucogranites, pegmatites, and greisens zone within a complex granitic-volcanic terrain.