Aug 13, 2019

Machinery manager delivers technology to PNG schools

Machinery manager delivers technology to PNG schools

Komatsu Townsville branch manager Stafford Jones leaves today (Aug 13) on a trip to deliver much-needed technology for children in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Jones has contributed his Komatsu-backed $10,000 Live Your Dream funding to LiteHaus, a not-for-profit organisation founded by fellow Hermit Park Tigers player Jack Growden.

“We’re going to install 12 laptops, a projector and projector screen in three primary schools,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones with Mr Growden when the Live Your Dream funding was announced in May.

“We’ll set that up for them and provide a basic skills guide on how to use the computers.”

The mission to the Western Highlands this month follows a similar LiteHaus contribution to four further schools in the region.

Mr Jones said he had known Mr Growden and his family for a long time through local footy. His work through LiteHaus was inspiring, he said.

“He is a young guy who, when he gets an idea in his head, he just wants to make it happen. So being able to support that is a pretty good thing.”

Mr Growden’s project to bring professionally refurbished laptops to school children in the Western Highlands grew out of a visit he made to the region to write a thesis for his Honours degree.

“At Komatsu we started out by rustling up some USB sticks – 350 of them – so that each of the students LiteHaus International assisted at the Kuta Primary School could have one,” Mr Jones said.

“Then, the Live Your Dream program came along and I had no hesitation in recommending LiteHaus as my personal community goal.”