Nov 22, 2016

New way for structural engineers to register

New way for structural engineers to register

Queensland structural engineers have a new pathway to registration with the Minister for Housing and Public Works approving the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE) as an assessment entity.

IStructE will provide assessment in the area of structural engineering; the fourth largest registered engineering discipline.

Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) Registrar Kylie Mercer said IStructE would help more engineers to become registered.

“BPEQ has achieved significant growth in the number of registered professional engineers in recent years through education and collaboration with the profession,” Ms Mercer said.

BPEQ Registrar Kylie Mercer.

“BPEQ registers close to 12,000 engineers with hundreds of new applications received each month.

“By having IStructE as an approved assessment entity, structural engineers working in Queensland have another pathway to registration and better access to information about the Professional Engineers Act.

“Structural engineers make a significant contribution to the infrastructure and products Queenslanders use every day, including buildings, bridges and cars.

“The importance of the work they do is underscored by the number of high-rise building developments in progress throughout Brisbane and with IStructE as a co-regulatory partner the public can be satisfied that the work they do is of the highest standard”.

As part of their approved assessment entity status IStructE is required to provide six monthly reports to BPEQ and monitor the continuing professional development of registered professional engineers.

Engineers interested in registration assessment through IStructE should contact the Institute at mail@instructe.org.