Nov 01, 2016

New manufacturing plans for Wellcamp site

New manufacturing plans for Wellcamp site Wagners managing director Denis Wagner.

Wagners is taking its composite fibre materials business to the next level with plans for a new manufacturing plant within Toowoomba’s Wellcamp Business Park.

Managing director Denis Wagner said the group hoped to have the new factory in production in early 2017, subject to approvals.

Wagners CFT operations, currently located at Anzac Avenue premises in Toowoomba, already employ about 100 people and supply components to projects throughout Australia and overseas.

“What we will introduce at Wellcamp is new technology, new manufacturing processes – more efficient manufacturing systems,” Mr Wagner said.

Work has already started on the site, with construction of a mixed use industrial facility including warehousing under way. Mr Wagner said a development application was before the Toowoomba Regional Council for the proposed manufacturing plant.

He estimated land and building costs for the new plant would be around the $5 million mark, in addition to a $5-$6 million investment in machinery.

The company’s composite fibre product line includes power transmission line crossarms – sold  in every state of Australia and exported to Asia, New Zealand, Fiji and Brazil.

Road bridges, marine structures , boardwalks and cycleways are also among the applications.

Wagners last month won first place at the 2016 American Concrete Institute (ACI) Excellence in Concrete Awards for another product – its Earth Friendly Concrete (EFC) innovation.

“It all fits into our mantra that we spend a lot of time and and effort and money on research and development  for new products and new technologies,” Mr Wagner said.

The composite fibre materials manufacturing involves a pultrusion process where the product is pulled through a die to shape it.

“What we have been able to develop is a very light and strong structural element  that is nonconductive and noncorrosive,” Mr Wagner said.

He said the company had been working on the technology for more than 15 years.

The relocation of Wagners CFT to the Wellcamp Business Park  will lift production capacity and Mr Wagner said the market for CFT products was expanding both geographically and in range.

Site work under way includes local contractors Lockyer Sheds, Laser Electrical Toowoomba and Accelerated Plumbing and Gas.

“Generally, almost always we use local contractors to do our construction and development,” Mr Wagner said.

An example of a composite fibre structure completed with Wagners CFT product.