Dec 14, 2016

Report shows $13b project flow for Toowoomba region

Report shows $13b project flow for Toowoomba region TSBE staff Steph Clutterbuck, Reagan Parle and Lance MacManus .

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise has released an updated  development report detailing $13 billion worth of projects under way or in the pipeline for that region.

TSBE executive chairman Shane Charles said he was pleased to see the development spend continue to increase, up about $3 billion on 2015’s report, signalling growing infrastructure requirements.

“Despite the fact the general economy is doing it tough and many Toowoomba residents might have experienced challenging times, optimism in the Toowoomba Region is at an all-time high,” he said.

Large projects in the report include retirement resorts, school upgrades, housing developments, site redevelopments and construction as well as major highway and transport construction and upgrades, solar projects, agriculture expansions and development.

TSBE executive chairman Shane Charles.

“TSBE produces this report to highlight to our members and the supply chain what projects are occurring but more importantly we do it to show those outside of Toowoomba that we are living up to the hype. We don’t just talk about how good this region is, it’s backed up by spending and projects,” Mr Charles said.

Mr Charles said it was not just the big-ticket projects that had contributed to the growth and spending, with the DSR detailing all projects with spending over $2 million.


Current conservative estimates

  • Projects under way totalled more than $2 billion
  • Projects approved and awaiting commencement totalled about $3.41 billion
  • Projects proposed totalled about $7.88 billion

For information on all of the projects in the report click here.