May 25, 2016

Stacey ‘nails’ new career opportunity

Stacey ‘nails’ new career opportunity

PHOTO: She wear founder and owner Stacey Head with one of the safety boot designs from her latest product range Stacey Head which is being launched on June 8

Standing on a nail during a home renovation in Brisbane two-and-a-half years ago helped spark a new career direction for Stacey Head.

Rather than just thinking; “If I had been wearing the right shoes that wouldn’t have happened”, she decided to do something about it and her company, she wear, was born.

The company is focused on purpose-designed footwear for women working in construction or similar industries where safety boots are mandatory.

“After I had the accident I went looking for women’s safety footwear and all I could find were men’s boots in scaled down sizes,” Ms Head said.

“I even imported a pair of women’s boots from the UK and they fell apart in no time.”

Ms Head, 43, set about designing safety boots for women that performed the job well, were stylish and colourful.

The small business started from her home and quickly outgrew the venue.

She purchased a shop-cum-warehouse in the Brisbane suburb of Northgate where she retails and stores her stock.

From humble beginnings as a one-woman show she now employs two staff and has 50 outlets selling her products in Australia and another two in New Zealand.

She is also exporting to the US, Sweden and Ireland with plans to boost the American market in the months ahead.

As the business has evolved, Ms Head has also moved into the safety clothing area.

Her new range will be circulated across Australia and New Zealand from June 8 and boasts seven shoe and boot styles in eight colours, a far cry from her initial offering of two styles in three colours.

She believes the key to her success is listening to what her customers have to say.

“I found that women are wearing she wear boots outside the construction industry,” Ms Head said.

“Women working on the land, in warehouses or even offices where safety boots are required if they go to storage areas are buying the boots.”

Ms Head initially worked in the travel industry before renovating and selling homes around Brisbane. where the encounter with a nail set her upon her new current career path.

More at www.shewear.com.au