Mar 10, 2020

Tower of power launches four new Volvo trucks

Tower of power launches four new Volvo trucks

Volvo Trucks has launched four new trucks, releasing a promo film that features the heavy-duty vehicles stacked in a tower with company president Roger Alm riding on top.

The truck tower stood at 15m tall and weighed 58 tonnes, and most of the commercial’s effects, including the boss on top, were real.

“We are really proud of this big forward-looking investment. Our aim is to be our customers’ best business partner by making them even more competitive and help them attract the best drivers in an increasingly tough market,” Mr Roger said of the launch.

The four new models are the Volvo FH, FH16, FM and FMX.

Volvo Trucks says it has focused strongly on developing the new trucks to make them safer, more efficient and more attractive working tools for qualified drivers.

Product details here: Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM, FMX.

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