Aug 30, 2016

Townsville Port reports on monthly air quality data

Townsville Port reports on monthly air quality data

The Port Stakeholder Working Group (PSWG) has released the first edition of the Townsville Port Operations Data Dashboard.

The monthly operations data dashboard, believed to be the first of its kind for an Australian port, has been developed collaboratively by the members of the PSWG and is designed to provide easy-to-understand information about air quality in Townsville and operations at the Townsville Port.

PSWG Independent chair David Donohue said the dashboard represented the culmination of 15 months of solid work from the group.

“It was clear when we started this task that the community wanted more information and reassurance about air quality in Townsville,” he said.

“The PSWG members have met monthly since April 2015 and have had to cover an enormous amount of ground not only in terms of understanding the issues at hand, but also to work through the science and data available to them, and then work out a way to try and simplify the information for public consumption.

“This dashboard is the culmination of the PSWG’s work so far and a tool that we believe will provide the local community with the knowledge and data that they were seeking.”

The dashboard presents information on:

  • The purpose of the PSWG
  • The type of equipment used to measure air quality in Townsville and by whom
  • Cargo types handled at the Townsville Port
  • Access to live air quality readings from the XACT Monitor at the CoastGuard
  • Monthly data graphs from three monitoring sites showing
    • General total dust levels
    • Lead in dust levels
    • General dust deposition levels
  • Shipping data (vessel type, commodity, date, berth visited) both retrospective and on a live schedule
  • Climatic data from the Bureau of Meteorology

This will be distributed during the last week of each month through channels including:

  • the Port of Townsville website – townsvilleport.com.au
  • local and regional media distribution list
  • the Townsville Port’s Community e-Newsletter distribution list
  • links provided on all four of the port’s social media channels