Nov 09, 2016

Worker choice under new FIFO legistlation

Worker choice under new FIFO legistlation

The options for fly-in fly-out workforces are narrowing.

Large new projects will no longer have the option to employ a workforce solely remote from the communities where they operate under proposed new laws.

In introducing the laws to parliament, the Palaszczuk Government said it had followed through with election commitments to give workers the choice to live locally.

The legistlation will:

  • prevent 100 per cent FIFO operations in new large resource projects where nearby regional community has a capable workforce
  • require large resource projects to consider locals for employment
  • ensure competitive local businesses have the opportunity to win contracts and be part of the project’s supply chain and
  • help protect resource worker health and wellbeing.

“It is only right that local workers get an opportunity to be considered for these jobs and are not discriminated against because they are local residents,” Mines Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said.

“They should be allowed to live in the local community if they so choose.”

The requirements will apply to all large resource projects 100km or less from a regional centre.

The independent Coordinator-General will be able to set, monitor and enforce the conditions on new large resource projects through their environmental impact statements, which will need to comprehensively assess social impacts.

The proposed laws will make it an offence to advertise positions in a way that prohibits residents from nearby regional communities from applying.