Feb 09, 2017

Bill Hutton

FortisEM forges new engineering model
Good engineering companies don’t so much push limits as set standards. Bill Hutton is an engineer passionate about the profession and its ability to improve built and natural environments.

He has nurtured Townsville-based FortisEM Consultant Engineers and Managers into a management, structural and civil engineering hub.

 Mr Hutton’s business model is built around addressing issues with ageing infrastructure and complex design while meeting requirements for greater compliance and more professional expectations.

He received first-class honours in civil engineering and quickly attained recognition as a Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ) and Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng).

He is a member of Engineers Australia, Consult Australia and the Concrete Institute of Australia.

FortisEM’s clients include architects, builders, developers, steel fabricators and mining companies who need cost-effective and practical design solutions.

“The firm is helping redesign the traditional engineering offer by combining services that would otherwise exist in silos,” Mr Hutton said.

“It comes from operating in a regional area where extreme climate conditions are the norm and demand creative approaches.

“We need to be innovative to keep growing and find that the inertia often develops between separate providers.

“By keeping laser scanning, design, modeling, rendering, virtual reality and engineering under one roof we produce better documentation in a vastly quicker timeframe. We can also sign off on the plans, which is the cream off the offer.”

Armed with technology and loaded with training, the staff delivers structural engineering solutions including condition assessments and environmental controls through to 3D modeling, drawings and technical specifications.

The same offer is delivered in civil engineering to roads, sewerage and earthworks projects.

FortisEM delivers strategic partnerships as part of its management and turnkey solutions offer. This covers mechanical, electrical and geo-technical engineering as well as building design and quantity surveying.

The design is developed in-house and in unison. The client knows exactly where the buck stops and who is responsible: One provider, one decision-maker, one solution, better engineering. FortisEM engineers.