Feb 09, 2017

Brian Armit

Helping businesses brush up on hygiene
The cleaning of industrial and commercial properties was once an afterthought, but with a growing raft of workplace, health and safety regulations, it is a function no business can ignore

“Gone are the days where you could simply sweep the problem away and flush it down a drain,” Brush and Broom Supplies NQ principal Brian Armit said. “The broom, mop and bucket have been replaced by sophisticated cleaning equipment.”

 Mr Armit saw a niche in the market when he established the company in Townsville in 2007.

“Our brushes and brooms and cleaning equipment such as scrubbers and sweepers are now used in food manufacturing, agricultural packing sheds, manufacturing, mineral refineries and road construction,” he said.

He now services councils and a wide range of companies from Sarina in the south, west to the Northern Territory border and north to Cape York.

There is an amazing array of brushes and brooms beyond what the average man or woman in the street would probably imagine.

There are fruit brushes for cleaning and polishing fruit and vegetables, industrial hand brooms, handles, squeegees, asphalt rakers, drag brooms and even sophisticated ride-on machinery.

Mr Armit began his working life as a mechanical fitter with the North Queensland Newspaper Company, working on the printing press.

He rose to the position of group mechanical engineer and since he left NQN has completed a degree in mechanical engineering at the USQ to maintain and service the products he sells.

Brush and Broom Supplies NQ now stocks consumables for all major brands in Australia and has formed a strategic partnership with the country’s leading brush manufacturer, Industrial Brushware, to supply NQ industry and agriculture with a comprehensive range of products.

It has even designed bespoke brush products for specific uses.

Mr Armit says he prides himself on delivering a high level of customer service and keeps abreast of the latest trends in the industry by visiting trade exhibitions and attending training seminars.