Mar 28, 2017

Commonwealth Games is gold for scaffolding industry

Commonwealth Games is gold for scaffolding industry

Direct opportunities stemming from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games might have been all but spent, but Australian scaffolding companies were still well-placed to take advantage of a new wave of construction.

Second and third phase opportunities for accommodation, construction and other infrastructure-focused projects were emerging as the initial, games-specific work was underway.

SAQ president Rob Thiess said there were still some tender opportunities being offered for work on the games amenities (see below for details), however scaffolding companies should be looking to successful tenders for more opportunity.

Mr Thiess said whether it was for the Gold Coast-based facilities or accommodation for the games themselves, or the indirect benefits to be had as a result of the spike in construction and development traditionally associated with such an event, companies should seek out opportunities.

He said because of the nature of scaffolding contracts, and their positioning within an overall contract, businesses needed to stay abreast of the successful tenders for major projects and use their relationships and leverage off their reputations to secure sub-contract work.

“It is competitive and it is price driven, but if a company has a strong relationship with developers and successful contractors; as well as a good reputation for high-quality work delivered on time and within budget, then that puts them in a good position.”

FortisEM senior engineer Bill Hutton.

Industry supplier, Bill Hutton, of FortisEM said the opportunities were not just confined to Queensland.

Mr Hutton said there were some strong second and third tier opportunities available for scaffolding and form work companies across the country.

“The Commonwealth Games has offered up quite a few opportunities for the industry and there are still tenders out there for scaffolding projects for light towers and similar facilities,” Mr Hutton said.

“There are also projects which are coming online as a result of the games being held on the Gold Coast and then companies who know who has won the major contracts, then are in a position to tender a professional and compliant submission, are best placed to take advantage of what’s on offer.”